javascript scheduler resizing multiple events drag drop

Supported since DayPilot Pro 8.1.

It is possible to enable drag and drop resizing of all selected events at once.

  • This feature is disabled by default.

  • If event overlap prevention is enabled it will not be possible to drop the events at the new location if any of them conflicts with another event.


Enable multimove using .allowMultiResize = true;

It is possible to get a list of all moved events using args.multiresize in the following event handlers:

  • onEventResizing

  • onEventResize

  • onEventResize

The args.multiresize property holds an array of all updated events. Item structure:

The master event is accessible using args.e just like during regular event moving.

dp.eventClickHandling = "Select";
dp.allowMultiResize = true;
dp.onEventResized = function(args) {
  dp.message("Events " + { return; }).join(', ') + " moved.");