javascript html5 scheduler link bubble

The Scheduler component can display link details on hover using a link bubble.

The link bubble is not enabled by default. You need to create a custom DayPilot.Buble object and assign it to the linkBubble property to activate it:

  linkBubble: new DayPilot.Bubble(),
  // ...

You can specify the static bubble HTML using the bubbleHtml property of the link data object:

const links =[
    from: 1,
    to: 2,
    type: "FinishToStart",
    bubbleHtml: "Bubble text"

Another option is to generate the bubble content dynamically using the onLoad event handler:

linkBubble: new DayPilot.Bubble({
  onLoad: args => {
    const e = args.source;
    args.html = "Custom link bubble text";