Event handling types

The server-based editions of the Calendar (ASP.NET WebFormsASP.NET MVCJava) include a built-in server-side part which handles the scheduler events. 

For most of the events you can choose how you will handle them - on the client side or on the server side:

  • JavaScript (on the client side)
  • CallBack (server-side)
  • Notify (server-side; after changes are done on the client-side)
  • PostBack (ASP.NET WebForms only; full page refresh or partial AJAX update inside UpdatePanel)

See an example for event moving.

Invoking server-side events

The server-side events are invoked automatically using the Scheduler if you set the appropriate handling type (CallBack, Notify, PostBack). 

The server-side events can be invoked manually (using the client-side API).

See also CallBack with Custom DataCommandCallBack.

AJAX Features

The following features are only available in connection with the integrated server part: