bubble can be displayed on grid cell hover.

html5 scheduler cell bubble


<div id="dp"></div>

<script type="text/javascript">
  var dp = new DayPilot.Scheduler("dp");

  // ...

  dp.cellBubble = new DayPilot.Bubble({onLoad:function(args) {
    var cell = args.source;
    args.html = cell.start.toString("d MMMM yyyy");

ASP.NET WebForms

<DayPilot:DayPilotScheduler runat="server" id="DayPilotScheduler1"
  CellBubbleID = "DayPilotBubble1"

<DayPilot:DayPilotBubble ID="DayPilotBubble1" runat="server" 

By default, the Bubble HTML content is determined by calling a server-side event:

  • RenderCellBubble

The HTML can be set by changing e.InnerHTML:

  • e.InnerHTML = "Event Details";

You can one Bubble control for several controls. The ID of the source control is stored in e.SourceUniqueID property:

  • e.SourceUniqueID