monthly event calendar html5 message bar

The message bar now display status messages. It can be displayed using server-side or client-side code.

Closing the Message Bar

  • It will close automatically after 5 seconds (configurable using MessageHideAfter property)
  • You can close it by clicking anywhere on the bar.


Message bar close timeout (see MessageHideAfter property) will be paused when you hold the mouse cursor over the message bar. The message bar will be hidden in 500ms after you move the mouse out.


The MessageHideAfter property sets the default timeout for message bar hiding (in ms). The default value is 5000 (5 seconds).


Included in the CSS theme.


dp.message("Event moved");

ASP.NET WebForms

The message bar can be updated easily using a single line of code and without any JavaScript on the client side. Use the UpdateWithMessage() method:

  • UpdateWithMessage(string message)


protected void DayPilotMonth1_EventResize(object sender, EventResizeEventArgs e)
  // ...
  DayPilotMonth1.UpdateWithMessage("Event moved.");


Use UpdateWithMessage(string).