html5 kanban card deleting

The Kanban cards can be deleted using a built-in icon that appears in the upper-right corner.

Card deleting is disabled by default. You can enable it using CardDeleteHandling property


As soon as the user clicks the "delete" icon the control fires onCardDelete and onCardDeleted events.

<div id="dp"></div>

<script type="text/javascript">

    var dp = new DayPilot.Kanban("dp");
    dp.columns.list = [
        {name: "Analysis", id: "1"},
        {name: "Draft", id: "2"},
        {name: "Testing", id: "3"}
    ]; = [
        {id: 1, "name": "Task 1", column: "1", text: "This is a description of task #1."},
        {id: 2, "name": "Task 2", column: "1", text: "This is a description of task #2."},

    dp.cardDeleteHandling = "Update";
    dp.onCardDeleted = function(args) {
        dp.message( + " deleted.");