You can customize the following task box properties:

  • HTML of the main task box
  • HTML displayed next to the task box (on the left, on the right)
  • background color
  • background image and repeat
  • bubble HTML
  • CSS class
  • show/hide the complete bar
  • complete bar color
  • context Menu

You can also modify the default behavior for selected tasks:

  • disable drag and drop moving
  • disable drag and drop resizing
  • disable clicking
  • disable double-clicking
  • set custom context menu
  • add active areas


You can use these two events to customize the task behavior and appearance:

See also row customization.

Example (onBeforeTaskRender)

dp.onBeforeTaskRender = function(args) { =;   // displays task text instead of percentage in the box

See also:

ASP.NET WebForms

You can customize both task boxes and task rows using BeforeTaskRender event.

void DayPilotGantt1_BeforeTaskRender(object sender, BeforeTaskRenderEventArgs e)
  e.Box.Html = "Complete: " + e.Complete + "%";
  e.Box.HtmlRight = (string) e.DataItem["description"];